Erectile dysfunction affects millions of men each year, whether resulting from an injury or surgical procedure, prostate issues, or simply old age. Fortunately, there are plenty of treatment paths available to ensure men can continue to enjoy healthy sex lives. There are many options available: prescribed medication, shots or invasive surgical procedures. Non-invasive options like penile pumps are also available and can be purchased over the counter. Penile pumps are a common treatment for ED (erectile dysfunction) and can help men with ED maintain a regular sex life. 

Penile pumps are a particularly good option for men who don’t want to have to worry about the potential side effects of more invasive treatments. Plus, with a lower cost compared to most treatment options, they’re much more readily available for the average consumer. Let’s go over the basics of penile pumps and why they’re a good option for ED treatment.

What Is a Penis Pump?

The penile pump, penis pump or vacuum pump is simple in design: a plastic tube made to fit around the penis, an attached pump that is either battery- or hand-powered and a constriction ring to fit around the penis once it is erect. 

How Does a Penis Pump Work?

Penile pumps are a very effective option, as most men using them are able to maintain a sufficient erection. They’re also a fairly easy treatment option. To use a penis pump, simply place the pump over the penis. The pump creates a change in air pressure inside the tube, which sends blood to the penis, engorging the blood vessels and creating an erection. Once this is done, use some lubrication to slide the constriction band down the length of the penis and then carefully remove the pump. The process of using the tube shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

Some men may require using another treatment in addition to the pump to maintain an erection, but you may find success with just the pump itself. If you have tried a penile pump and think you may need additional treatment options, please contact Stanley Specialty Pharmacy to schedule a consultation to better understand your options.

How Often Should You Use a Penile Pump?

Some men are able to use penile pumps more than once in a day, but most likely you should start out by pacing yourself. Using once a day or even once every few days is likely best at first. Pay attention to how your body reacts to the pump, and you can always contact our pharmacists if you have any concerns about how long you can go in between uses. 

Are There Any Risks to Using a Penis Pump?

As a non-invasive option, penis pumps do not have too many side effects or risk factors. There are a few you should keep an eye out for, though:

Any numbness or blue tinge to the skin. The constriction band may work a little too well! Be sure not to use it for more than 30 minutes, and remove the band immediately if numbness or cool skin occurs.

Pain during use or bruising after the fact. This may indicate you’re not correctly placing the pump in an optimal position.

Red dots on the skin around the pump. This could be caused by bleeding under the surface of the skin. Stop use and consult a doctor if you’re concerned.

Those on blood thinners should avoid using the pump as severe bruising can occur.

Do I Need a Prescription to Get a Penile Pump?

Penile pumps can be purchased over the counter without a prescription. Speaking with your doctor first to learn about all possible treatments, however, can help narrow down which treatment option is best for your unique situation, including specifics around particular brands or identifying possible risk factors to watch for.

Can I Buy a Penis Pump Online?

Yes! Our team at Stanley Specialty Pharmacy has multiple vacuum pumps available on our website for purchase that may be shipped directly to you in discrete, unmarked packaging. You may choose from the Vacuum Manual Device or the Deluxe Vacuum Device. The Deluxe Vacuum Device offers the option for both battery-powered or manual pumping while the Vacuum Manual Device only provides the option for manual use. Penile pumps can help foster your sex life and approach it with confidence. We hope to help you on that journey!