Lee Silsby Compounding Pharmacy is a premier 503A compounding pharmacy, located in Cleveland, Ohio. We are licensed in 43 States and have been providing expert care for more than 30 years.

We provide innovative solutions that help people reach their highest potential physically and mentally.

Principles that guide us

  • Focus on what's best for our patients, caregivers, and practitioners
  • Exceed expectations
  • Better than yesterday. Get better, every day
  • Set the bar for what a compounding pharmacy can and should be


Steven Dufala, RPh PharmD

General Manager / Pharmacist in Charge

Jessica McConnell, RPh PharmD

Formulation Specialist

Mike Roberts, RPh PharmD

Data Entry Dept. Manager

Amber Rockwell, CPhT

Lab Dept. Manager

Ashley Leho

Fulfillment Dept. Manager

Tammy Taylor

Quality Assurance Manager

Arnold Gusev

Shipping & Logistics Manager